About GoodRunnings

GoodRunnings is a newly established running group. We aim to offer runners a variety of scenic courses around South Australia - ranging from sealed coastal paths to mountain trail and everything in between! We also offer runners the unique challenge of participating in consecutive events (through ‘running event series’).

What can you do to be part of the group? Well, first and foremost… you can run! You could also volunteer, offer suggestions for areas/dates you think would be ideal for events, and suggest charities you’d like some of the profits to go to.

So, come join the GoodFriends gang, hear about events, and help make the group great!

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About the GoodGang

Dawn Parks, GoodRunnings Organiser


Dawn Parks is new to the marathon running world, having only completed her first marathon in July 2016. Since then, she’s been fired up with enthusiasm, having completed around 100 marathons and marathon-distance events – most in South Australia. She wants to spread her love of running and her enjoyment of the scenic sites of her newfound country as far as she can! 

Karin Tappouras, GoodRunnings Ambassador


 Anyone abreast of news in the national running world is well-aware of Karin Tappouras’s accomplishments. A wonderful representation of feminine strength and skill, she recently became the fourteenth person in Australia to have run over 200 marathons. Other national records of hers (oh, yes, she has more than one!) include being the female Australian who has run the most marathons in a calendar year (67, in 2016). Her many sports accomplishments include a 100 miler, the Comrades ultramarathon, 8 separate Ironmen, 10 consecutive marathons in 10 days, and three consecutive marathons in one day. 

Bill Eldridge, GoodRunnings Ambassador & Head Race Director



Bill Eldridge is no less accomplished in his support of the running world. He didn’t get hooked on running until later in life, finishing his first marathon in 2008 (and another in 2009!). His passion for the sport has only increased over the past decade, as has his desire to help other runners achieve their goals. His ever-present support in many of South Australia’s running events (from SARRC to GoodRunnings) has made him one of the most widely recognised and beloved figures in the South Australia running community. A conservative estimate suggests he volunteered his support for at least 500 hours each year for the past two years - this volunteer time has included eight hours a day for ten consecutive days and two separate days with 22+ hour stints (one in support of a 100 miler event and another in support of a four-marathon-in-a-day event). His smiling face, firm embrace, and ongoing encouragement have enabled countless runners to achieve their dream of crossing the finish line. Bill’s first-hand knowledge of the behind-the-scenes logistics has also earned him the additional title of “Head Race Director”.

What is...


...an Ambassador?


An ambassador is an individual who is passionate about GoodRunnings and its aims – so passionate that he/she has made it a personal aim to share the news of the organisation and its events, promoting it whenever possible. Ambassadors receive NO compensation for their efforts; instead, they have volunteered for the position due to a strong belief in GoodRunnings!


... a Head Race Director?


A race director is the person whose efforts ensure an event goes smoothly – that runners receive a comprehensible race briefing, begin on time, have plenty of hydration and aid available to them, are encouraged throughout the race, and are given an accurate finish time. These are all daunting tasks which few race directors can accomplish without ease. The head race director is the exception to this rule! When events are run following the expert guidance and standards of the Head Race Director, the events flow towards smooth, unparalleled perfection. Any occurrence which stops the event from flowing in smooth perfection is the result of missteps from new volunteers and learning race directors – never the Head Race Director. In sum, the Head Race Director is a paragon of support perfection.


... an event organiser?


Exactly that - a person who organises events! This involves all the behind-the-scenes unglorified work of scouting courses, filing event permits, re-arranging schedules, and a bunch of other non-fun thing to get you out and running!