About Us

About GoodRunnings….

‘A variety of courses in a variety of locations.’

GoodRunnings is a running organisation organised BY runners and FOR runners. Running is our passion – and we hope to make it yours! We offer runners & walkers a variety of scenic courses around South Australia – ranging from sealed coastal paths to mountain trail and everything in between! We aim to have something for everyone – and every budget – so we can spread the love of running throughout South Australia!

What can you do to be part of the group? Well, first and foremost… you can run! You could also volunteer or offer suggestions for areas/dates you think would be ideal for events.

About the organiser…

On her 100th Marathon
Event Organiser

Dawn Parks has an abundance of running experience, particularly in the marathon and ultra marathon sectors. She has run over 150 marathons – and achieved a few notable records while doing so! Her marathon records include “Fastest Female in North America to Get to 100 Marathons [from her first marathon]”, “Second Fastest Person in North America to Get to 100 Marathons [from her first marathon]”, “Fastest Female in Australia to Get to 100 Marathons [from her first marathon]”, and “Fastest Person in Australia to Get to 100 Marathons [from her first marathon]”. She is no novice to ultra marathons, either, with her tally including five 100km+ races, two 24 hour races, and a 6 Day race! She even placed 5th IN THE NATION for the annual AURA points championship in 2021.

Her attention expanded from ‘merely’ running to organising running events in October 2018 when she had the personal realisation that there were not a variety of low-cost running options (in a variety of locations) in South Australia. A firm believer that running should be affordable and enjoyable to all, she set her sights on remedying the situation. Her aim is to offer a ‘boutique running experience’ – combining a quality running experience with a variety of locations at an affordable price. She hopes to offer an average of one event every 1-2 months, highlighting different locations in South Australia – and donating a proportion of the proceeds to charity (the Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service) in order to help those in the local community who are struggling to run the race of life.