GoodRunnings is a vibrant running organisations ‘BY runners FOR runners’. Running is our passion – and we want to make it yours! We offer ‘a variety of courses in a variety of locations’, with the focus of having something for everyone – of all abilities, running styles, and preferences. We offer distances from 1km – 60+km (AURA-listed ultras) at prices that range from $5-$95, depending on distance and pricing period. All of our events have a virtual alternative, available at a cost of $20 plus optional medal.

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27 February 2021 – Star Run (Event 1 of the Twilight Series)

28 February 2021 – Moon Run (Event 2 of the Twilight Series)

Virtual 1-30 April – Streak Challenge

Tuesday 4 May 2021 – Geek Run

20 June 2021 – River Run

8 August 2021 – Antsy for Anstey

5 September 2021 – Barossa Run

30 October 2021 – Victory Harbor

Virtual 1-14 November 2021 – Variety Challenge

28 November 2021 – Maritime Run

12 December 2021 – Reindeer Run

**ALL 2021 EVENTS MAY BE SUBJECT TO DATE CHANGES IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 SITUATION. We will alert you of any changes 1-3 weeks’ prior to an event’s currently proposed date.

All traditional-style events offer a virtual option at a cost of $20, plus optional medal.

A portion of each registration from all traditional events (not including the challenges or weekday events) will go towards the NADVS (Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services). A portion of profits from the virtual challenges and weekday events may go to a separate stated charity.

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9 January 2022 Sun Run

6 February 2022City Run

25 February 2022Star Run

26 February 2022Moon Run

6 March 2022 – Run to Wynn

4 May 2022 – Geek Run