Variety Challenge

1 November 2021- 14 November 2021

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Event Description

As runners, it’s easy to stagnate into a routine – to only run your standard distance or your typical route. But, that’s not how you grow… and it’s certainly not fun!

This virtual challenge, we intend to mix things up – with variety! Sign up for this 14-day challenge and get a new activity challenge every other day. Some of the activity challenges are things we should be doing (but might not be!) — like a fast short run or a hilly trail run. Other activity challenges are to motivate us to see more of the area by giving a specific goal – like a challenge to run by a certain viewpoint or at a certain altitude.

Event Explanation: The Basics

Every other day, a new challenge will be posted to all registrants. Those who complete the challenge are rewarded points. Points are primarily awarded based on how quickly a participant completes a challenge (with the most points being awarded for completing a challenge the same day it was posted). Bonus points are also available for certain activities.

See below for an explanation of the points system & the rules surrounding the points. The points are set up so that different points and levels are attainable; however, anyone with dedication can earn a ‘beast’ level of points. A registrant can earn a ‘beast’ level simply by doing every challenge on the day it was posted.

The Points System: Individuals

The Points System: Teams


INDIVIDUAL participants choose upon registration to aim for one of three levels of the challenge – Strong Mode, Monster Mode, and Beast Mode. If the participant reaches the point level for their chosen mode, he/she can earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Participants can elect to change levels during the challenge (and be eligible for the relevant medal) at the cost of a $10 admin fee.

Participants can also register as part of a TEAM. Teams do NOT have to choose which level to aim for. Instead, a team’s level will be determined preliminarily throughout the challenge by their points level (and confirmed upon completion). Team members can elect to purchase a team medal upon registration, which will reflect the team’s ultimate level.

Registration & Pricing

Registrants can choose to enter as individuals, as part of a 5-person team, or both. Medals are available for purchase to individuals who earn their nominated level and available for purchase for team members, with the team member’s medal reflecting the team’s ultimate status.


All individual participants who elected to purchase a medal & achieved the requirements for their nominated level will receive one, recognising their efforts. Team members who elected to purchase a medal will receive a medal which recognises the team’s level (determined upon completion of the challenge).

Prizes & Charity

Though this intended to be a PERSONAL challenge, focused on motivating individuals (and teams) to add more variety to their runs, it comes with an added incentive – the highest point winner in each category (individual or 5-person team) can nominate a registered charity to have their money donated to.  The winner of the individual category will have their registration fee donated to their chosen registered charity; the winning 5-person team will have $75 from their registration fee donated to charity.