Sponsors & Supporters

GoodRunnings' events are proudly sponsored by Runner's World (https://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/). All participants in each event are eligible for 2 free issues, with one lucky entrant receiving 5 free issues. Go Good, Go Run... run the world! The Runner's World.

GoodRunnings has teamed up with Mind in Movement Physiotherapy (https://www.mindinmovementphysio.com/)to offer the GoodGang the best of support in the physio world. Mind in Movement is a physio clinic located in Port Adelaide that focuses on sports enthusiasts of all kinds, with a special interest in runners. Their motto “To strengthen. To encourage. To empower. To move forward.” demonstrates their focus on active-based treatments (and training management) to help keep athletes doing what they love. Mind in Movement Physiotherapy is excited to offer their support to the GoodGang at some of our events – and to help the GoodGang by giving us advice on recovery and tips to further reduce injury. GoodFriends can even look forward to being offered some special treatment discounts! We’ll also be offered discounts to group info sessions which will be aimed at helping those who seek physical improvements and long term management strategies.

**In the interest of social responsibility,PLOGS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**

Royal Copenhagen Semaphore (http://rcicecream.com.au/) has teamed up with GoodRunnings as a sponsor, offering runners of our 'plogs' (Picking up Litter while jOGging) a special discounted treat - 50% off any item, to be ordered immediately after our twice monthly plogs. We meet outside Royal Copenhagen Semaphore at 6:30pm every first and third Thursday of the month, go jogging/walking for 30-40 minutes, pick up litter - and meet back for a discounted treat. Good for your fitness, good for the environment... and good for your palate!

T8 is a vibrant trail running company in Hong Kong that as been a proud sponsor & supporter of GoodRunnings's 'Victory Harbor' event since its inception. Not only are they offering prizes to podium placements, but they also offer a discount voucher to anyone who sees this post on our website! Just use the discount code '50-VICTORYHARBOR' to get HKD$50 off of a checkout purchase on their website www.T8.run  . Offer valid as of 4 January 2020.

FRESH PROMOTIONS (https://www.freshpromotions.com.au/)  is intent on supplying local and national organisations with high-quality, customised gear (ie, gear proudly declaring the organisation's name and logo). GoodRunnings and FRESH PROMOTIONS are working closely together to provide the GoodRunners with quality finisher's gear and podium prizes. 

Social Runs

What do... jogging, picking up litter, and yummy treats have in common?

**In the interest of social responsibility, PLOGS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**


GoodRunnings is an environmentally friendly organisation. We encourage responsible use of the environment - which we incorporate into our social runs by hosting twice a month 'plogs' - Picking up Litter while jOGging. We meet outside of Semaphore Copenhagen at 6:30pm on the first and third Thursday of the month, run/walk while picking up rubbish, and return after 30-40 minute to order our discounted treats from Copenhagen.

Good for you, good for the environment, and good for your wallet.



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