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GoodRunnings is pleased to announce it is sponsored by Runners World! For all 2019 events from March onward, each runner is eligible to receive 2 FREE issues of one of the most popular running magazines in Australia – Runner’s World. Additionally, one runner in each event will be chosen for a ‘spot prize’ of 5 FREE issues. Go Good, Go Runnings… and run the world! The Runners World!

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 GoodRunnings is pleased to have the support of T8 for our trail running needs! T8 is new to the trail running scene and keen to make an impact with runners. T8’s goal is “the production of ultralight, supercool and chafe-free running gear – gear designed to last in the toughest of conditions (and tested to ensure it does).” Their gear (which includes commando underwear and sherpa shorts) is “highly functional and aimed to maximise comfort during those long sessions and races”… plus, I’ve been assured they’re great for everyday, casual wear!

To show their support of GoodRunnings and the trail running community, T8 is sponsoring the Victory Harbor Run, allocating 6 separate prize vouchers for 6 fortunate runners for use at their site, www.t8.run.

Go Good, Go Great… Go T8!