5 Years & Running

5th Anniversary

MONDAY 13 November 2023

EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1708020216361895/
REGISTRATION: https://events.humanitix.com/5-years-and-running



.GoodRunnings has been serving the SA running community since 2018. Inspired by the concept of variety, we vowed to offer ‘a variety of events in a variety of locations’. The goals were simple:

1) Offer a variety of locations, to showcase areas of South Australia – from trails to mountains to roads to beach, and everything in between.
2) Offer a variety of distances and highly generous cut-offs, to make sure there’s ‘something for everyone/every run.’
3) Always, always, always make sure the events are affordably priced. We don’t want anyone to miss out because of their bank balance!

At least, we thought the goals were simple – and had a untasty dose of reality, learning how hard it is to host events (even with simple goals). Cue a journey of event permit applications, risk management forms, insurance, first aid certification, COVID concerns, website hosting bills, rental toilets, scheduling, course marking, event-specific race briefings/emails/maps/elevation charts, medal designs, 3am emails with customer queries, event listing, advertising, slowly building infrastructure, learning a timing mat system, ensuring vegan and gluten free options at each event, baking cakes into the wee hours of the morning…

Despite it all, WE SURVIVED! To our surprised glee, we found ourselves being whole-heartedly welcomed by the running community. Seeing the delight on participants faces when they achieved a distance – or time – they never thought possible (and then chowing down on our feast of food support) made it all worth it.

Whether you did all of our events or just a handful. Whether we were your training run or your bucket list. Whether you’re a die hard runner or just a casual visitor.

And, it’s time to celebrate!

What a better way to celebrate than have a bbq – with a run attached.

The details: a 5km and 10km run are available FOR FREE. Just register, show up, and run. Most importantly, join our bbq. Any donations you provide will be handed directly to the Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services.


The course follows a 5km loop along the Linear Trail, starting and ending at the Linear Trail. The map will be uploaded at a later date.



There will be 1 manned aid station on the course, at the start/finish of each lap. It’ll contain lollies and water. However, the focus is not on the race itself, but on the celebration – runners coming together to enjoy 5 years of wonder!



THIS IS A CASUAL EVENT. Bib collection will be available at 6, the run will start ay 6:30.


There are no early or late starts, as the focus is on the bbq.



Distance Start Time
5km 6:30pm
10km 6:30pm


There is no established cut-off time, but we imagine most runners will be finished by 2 hours.


THIS CELEBRATION IS FREE. Any donations you wish to supply will be handed to the Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services.


We will happily hand out a souvenir medal. An assortment of souvenir medals may be available from previous events; no anniversary-specific medals will be available.


Supporting Not-for-Profit

GoodRunnings proudly supports Women’s Safety Services SA’s NADVS (Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services) to help local women and children rise above domestic violence and thrive. Five dollars from every registration goes towards NADVS.


More Information:

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