Streak Challenge

1-30 April 2021

““We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become.”




Consistency is one of the biggest keys to a successful runner! And, how better to challenge yourself to be consistent than to participate in a consistency challenge?

The ‘Streak Challenge’ is a challenge to maintain a streak throughout April. There are three possible modes to compete in!

Difficulty Modes:

Difficulty ModeRequirement
Strong Mode Run 3-4 CONSECUTIVE days each week
Monster ModeRun 5-6 CONSECUTIVE days each week
Beast ModeRun 7 CONSECUTIVE days each week


1.Every week’s runs must be run on consecutive days.

2. All runs must be posted to the Facebook group within 2 days of the run. 

3. A run must be of at least 2km to be eligible.

4. Walks are acceptable to use in the streak.


All participants who elected to purchase a medal & achieved the requirements for their nominated level will receive one, recognising their efforts.

Prizes & Charity:

Though this intended to be a PERSONAL challenge, focused on challenging individuals to dedicate themselves to continuity throughout April, it comes with an added incentive – the participant in each category who achieved the most accumulated distance (while meeting the requirements of their category) can nominate a registered charity to have their money donated to.  The winner of the individual category will have their registration fee donated to their chosen registered charity.

Additionally, $2 from every registration will go to the Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Services.

Nominate your mode, pay the registration fee, post your runs, and earn your medal. An administration fee of $7 is charged to change your mode after the start of the challenge.

Let’s start streaking!

More Information:

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